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Happy Birthday, blog!

Aw, our sweet Lookout Tumblr blog turns two today! Thanks to former Lookout intern John Mortara (now Social Media Editor at YesYes Books) who initiated it, as well as our first social media campaign. And thanks to Eric Tran, who served as blog editor last year, and to Becky Eades, the wizard behind our thriving weekly departments and flurry of other goodies: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Goodreads.

Binocular Vision Press Kits

Last week we were busy bees here in the Pub Lab! Edith Pearlman is coming to North Carolina for her tour soon (mid-April! Who’s ready?), and so we were getting together her press kits. They are so very beautiful, filled with reading guides, stickers, posters, Binocular Vision, and much more! All right, all right, enough ogling, it’s back to work for us!

– Sally J. Johnson, Lookout Intern

The Luckiest Interns

One of the three interns invited to share in Edith Pearlman’s success at the National Book Awards this year, Arianne Beros wrote a featured article for Wilmington’s Star News.

Once we were settled in her office, Emily took a deep breath, pressed her hands together, and said, “We’re taking you with us to the National Book Awards ceremony.”

We were so stunned that no one spoke for a few seconds. What an incredible, unexpected opportunity.

Read the entire article here!