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Edith Pearlman Interview with Deborah Kalb

Edith Pearlman Interview with Deborah Kalb

From “Self-Reliance”

beauxland: The place by the water –

Harold U. Ribalow Prize

Edith Pearlman accepting the 2012 Harold U. Ribalow Prize, given by Hadassah magazine in a ceremony yesterday afternoon at Hadassah House in Manhattan.

The award honors an outstanding book of Jewish fiction, and previous winners include Nathan Englander, Francine Prose, Louise Begley, and Jonathan Safran Foer.

Congrats Edith!

The place by the water


“Cornelia had had her eye on it for years. It reminded her of the cottage of a gnome. “Guhnome,” Aunt Shelley used to miscorrect. The other houses in the loose settlement by the pond were darkly weathered wood, but Cornelia’s was made of the local pale gray granite, sparkling here and there with tiny golden specks. It had green shutters. There was one room downstairs and one up, an outdoor toilet, a small generator. Aquatic vines climbed the stones. Frogs and newts inhabited the moist garden.

She spent more and more time there. At the bottom of the pond, turtles inched their way to wherever they were going. Minnows traveled together, the whole congregation turning this way and then that, an underwater flag flapping in an underwater wind. Birches, lightly clothed in leaves, leaned toward the pond.

“I worry about you in the middle of nowhere,” her daughter, Julie, said. But the glinting stones of the house, its whitewashed interior, summer’s greenness and winter’s pale blueness seen through its deep windows, the mysterious endless brown of the peaked space above her bed … and pond and trees and loons and chipmunks … not nowhere. Somewhere. Herewhere.”

– Edith Pearlman, “Self-Reliance,” Binocular Vision, 2011

Filled to the Brim

This past week was full to the brim with fantastic Lookout events and guests! John Rybicki flew in to Wilmington on Thursday, April 12, and visited Roland-Grise Middle School the next day as a guest teacher for a class of thirty-seven seventh graders. The class loved him and showed some pretty powerful poetry chops themselves! We got some great video of the lesson.

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Edith Pearlman Is Online Today!

Speak With Lookout Books Author Edith Pearlman in an Online Discussion! Today from 3:00 to 4:00

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