Overheard at AWP!


To celebrate our Sound issue at AWP16, Ecotone created a special  hashtag: #OHatAWP (short for “overheard at AWP”). Turns out, writers are great at eavesdropping! Our intrepid participants overheard gems of nonsequiturs, some truly serendipitous snark, endearing expressions of earnestness, writing questions/complaints as old as time (yes, we all commit to agony… and constantly get asked what it is that we actually write), and quite a bit of atmospheric and abstract sounds, too. We have to say, the whole endeavor made us a little better at listening!


We also promised to reward a free yearlong subscription to the AWP attendee who overheard the sound we most enjoyed. Congrats to said winner—Anne Corbitt, a Georgia fictioneer and Twitter follower who overheard the following: “I was trying to figure out if I write better in a chateau or a castle. I don’t recommend chateau writing.”


We don’t totally get it, but hey, we will heartily drink to that! If you didn’t win, keep heart–we’re still offering our AWP discount code: AWP16, which grants you two issues for $14.95—two issues at more than 50% off the cover price!

IMG_1833Thanks to all who stopped by our booth, participated in our #OHatAWP game, and/or introduced Ecotone or a Lookout Books title to a friend at AWP 16!



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