Literary Hub Partnership

If you haven’t checked out Literary Hub yet, it’s time. Seriously, go there right now. We’ll wait. Founded as a way to help aggregate all of the internet’s best literary content, Lit Hub brings you a daily reading buffet including literary news, excerpts, and features from their partners of publishers, journals, bookstores, and nonprofits–the best of the best, including Lookout and Ecotone. Subscribe to LitHub Daily, and you’ll get e-mail with a rundown of fascinating content, ensuring your happiness everywhere from your private reading sessions (check out their Bookshelf for inspiration for yours) to the best literary cocktail parties (know the scoop on everything from life after the trans memoir to Argentine writers).

Today Lit Hub features an excerpt from our own Honey from the Lion by Matthew Neill Null. And we’re excited to continue working with Lit Hub to grow and publicize their mission to serve literary culture on the web. Amen!