Behind the Curtain

I know a behind-the-scenes look at Lookout should be, well, just that. You know, a sneaky behind-the-curtain glance. But for this post, we’ve found the spotlight! It’s not our fault: look at all these beautiful books!

The Publishing Laboratory is an enormous part of how Lookout Books ticks. It is home to bookbuilding and design courses, to computers with InDesign and Photoshop, to printers and scanners, to our glue binder and guillotine trimmer, and, of course, our ever-helpful Pub Lab TAs. We make so many things and spend so much time in the Pub Lab it’s easy to take it for granted.

But UNCW’s Boseman Gallery decided to highlight the work of students in the Pub Lab by displaying their work through July 30. There are chapbooks, artist’s books, Lookout books. We could make a whole Dr. Seuss-like rhyme out of all the pretty things in there.

We’re proud to house such a great lab that inspires and creates beautiful pieces of literature and art.

-Sally J Johnson, Lookout Intern

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