Friday Author Roundup

The weekend is almost here and we know you have exciting plans. But first take a second to read our author roundup and impress your hot date with all the literary insider news.

Did you know that Astoria to Zion contributor Andrew Tonkovich is the weekly host of Bibliocracy on radio KPFK 90.7 FM, broadcasting out of Santa Monica, CA? Join him on Wednesday nights.

Astoria to Zion contributor Rebecca Makkai is featured as part of Ploughshares’ series “One Year In: Writing the Novel.” Here’s a bit of wisdom on writing a second novel: “If it doesn’t feel completely foreign and new and like you’re working without a net, then you’re probably repeating yourself.” To read more of her terrific interview and to find other author interviews, click through.

Brock Clarke’s novel Exley has been chosen as the official book club selection by Critical Era, a “free online contemporary fiction book club that meets with up and coming authors on a monthly basis to discuss their work.” He will discuss the book via Skype Feb. 20 at 9 p.m.