Ecotone nonfiction editor Carson Vaughn: On Balance from Essay Daily

In case you missed our Facebook post last week, we wanted to share a great article on what the nonfiction editor from our sister publication, Ecotone, looks for in an essay.

“As nonfiction editor, I search for work that adroitly balances objective reporting and subjective discovery, essays and stories that show an equal respect for the internal and the external. I look for writers who aren’t afraid to probe the world around them while simultaneously mining the world within; who are eager to physically hunt for the story, but also know when to bring it home, to employ their own reasoning and their own bias and their own interiority to connect on a more human level.”

—Carson Vaughn, “On Balance” from Essay Daily

Be sure to check out the full article, and if you’re still searching for helpful information about submitting to a literary journal, former Lookout intern and fiction editor Nicola DeRobertis-Theye suggests five tips for writing your cover letter.