Call for Submissions: City and Country

For Ecotone’s fall 2016 issue, Country and City, we invite writing that explores rural and urban spaces, and the places between them. Where do you find your wild—or wildish—places? What does it mean to be local to either, or to both? We welcome submissions of poetry, fiction, and nonfiction that explore how our notions of place might change based on where we live. Work about permaculture, pollution, poverty, rural culture, urban farming. Public art, sprawl, the homesteading movement, gentrification, environmental justice; waste management, transit systems, neighborhoods, community centers; post offices, prisons, urban legends, utopian communities. The ways both country and city have been romanticized, idealized, vilified. The possibilities each holds—whether you consider them opposing camps or part of a grand continuum.

The editors welcome poetry, fiction, and nonfiction that engage with these concerns and more. We continue to read for unthemed issues as well. Before sending work, review our complete submission guidelines.

Submissions are open through May 1.