What We Found at AWP

Every Wednesday we post about what we’re reading at the Lookout offices. The books and journals you find here are what inspire us. This week we’d like to highlight some of the publishers that caught our eye at AWP. Enjoy!

“I picked up A Boy from Ireland at the Persea Books table. It’s by Marie Raphael. I was first drawn to it because the cover was striking. Then I noticed the title, and I’ve always been drawn to Ireland. I’m almost done so I can say with confidence that it is really good.”

– Livingston Sheats, Pub Lab assistant director


“I got a stack of journals from AWP, including So To Speak, Phoebe, Weave, The Coffin Factory, a Gulf Coast subscription renewal, Lake Effect, Whiskey Island, and New South, a lit and art journal from Georgia State.”

–  Sally Johnson, Lookout Intern

“I picked up Typecast Publishing’s The Lumberyard #8 featuring poetry from Sherman Alexie among other good stuff. Excellent letterpress and design.”

– John Mortara, Lookout Intern

“I picked up a beautiful new journal called The Common, based out of Amherst College. I also got Nick Flynn’s latest collection, The Captain Asks for a Show of Hands – from the Graywolf table – which I’m devouring!”

–  Arianne Beros, Lookout Intern