Dispatches from Old Books on Front Street

in Lookout Books’ hometown of Wilmington, NC – Anna Sutton, Lookout Intern

1) I found you among the stacks. And talk about stacked! You were the thick hardback, sitting on the bottom shelf by the cafe tables. I was the barista, staring at you from behind the counter. I liked your tagline. Did you notice me admiring your author photo?

2) You were the classy, “well-aged” hardback by the historical fiction, I can tell we’ve got a lot in common. Let’s grab some coffee and discuss the shameful lack of decorum in contemporary air travel. Or maybe we can go to the zoo and talk about animal welfare standards. And you can bring your friend Gladys, too.

3) You were the colorful chick hanging with an old-school dud. I was the shy guy in runner’s shorts in the armchair across the aisle. I pretended to be texting with my friend about Proust, but really, I was snapping a few pictures of you. Hit me up if you want to hang with someone who appreciates all the colors of the rainbow–as long as they’re pastel.

4) You look like a sophisticated lady, all worldly and well-traveled, but not uppity like Jane Brody. I liked how you kept referring to things as “a la,” like, when you dropped your coffee cup and told your friend you’d done it, “a la butterfingers!” I’d love to invite you to my place and microwave some steaks au poivre, or maybe some cheesy enchilada casserole.