6 Reasons Ben Affleck Should Run for Office According to Steve Almond


image courtesy Gene Bromberg

1. You’re being offered a higher calling and deep down you know it, mister.

I laud all the efforts you’ve made as a private citizen. But think of the difference you could make in, for instance, East Congo, as a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

2. The timing is right—and timing is everything.

I get that you’d prefer not to spend six years out of the biz. But how about a year and a half to see if political life agrees with you?

3. You would make a great candidate and politician.

It’s about stagecraft, in other words. You’d kill it.

4. You would have plenty of downtime.

5. If Arnold Schwarzenegger can do it, so can you.

6. Your children (and mine) are counting on you.

If you want to be a real hero, a guy who doesn’t just entertain us but changes hearts and minds and laws and maybe even our collective fate, your chance has arrived.

–Lookout author, Steve Almond. (full article here)